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Welcome to the very first Elle/Luke community on LiveJournal! We are your mods, dragynflies and stainofmylove. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!


1) All posts must revolve around Elle Bishop, Luke Campbell or the actors that portray them. This means RPF is allowed. Other characters are allowed as you like, provided that Elle and Luke are featured as well.
2) Please use LJ tags and cuts for entries that include spoilers, large graphics (previews are okay) and fanfiction.
3) All fanfiction needs a header, specifying the title, whether or not the entry includes spoilers, and the rating.
4) No bashing or flaming will be tolerated. If you have issues with certain things posted here, never underestimate the power of kind words.
5) We do not condone or support any attacks made against the cast and crew of Heroes. While voicing your opinions in discussions is fine posts made solely to launch any sort of campaign against the cast and crew will be deleted.


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